ecHypervisor – our innovative solutions for future challenges:


The microkernel based ecHypervisor offers paravirtualization features for MPU-BASED microcontrollers. Taking security and safety requirements into account, ecHypervisor offers various subsystems such as AUTOSAR, POSIX and ARINC, BOTH on singlecore and multicore architectures. The ecHypervisor ensures freedom of reaction between different partitions via memory and time partitioning. Efficient use of System resources is one of the essential characteristics of our product.

ecHypervisor addresses the market for automotive ECUs with 32bit microcontrollers using MPU only.

ecHypervisor is developed by a team of automotive software experts, experienced in automotive development processes as well as in IT security topics.

ecHypervisor is continuously tested and reviewed to compliance with the according safety standards as well as ANSI-C and MISRA C:2012 rules.

ecHypervisor is available on a wide range of platform and integrates seamlessly with third party AUTOSAR Solutions.




  • Microkernel based hypervisor, Application runs in user mode
  • Isolation of partitions using MPU
  • Temporal partitioning (ARINC 653)
  • Security features
  • Multicore support
  • Diffrent subsystems (Autosar/OSEK, ARINC, Posix, …)
  • Port for TMS570, PPC, Aurix

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