Easycore creates creative solutions for industry-applications. Our goal: Perfectly desgin and optimize control software for these systems.

Our customers have vastly different backgrounds and come from areas like aerospace technology, automotive technology and autonomic technology.

We offer:

  • Structured start of work: Together we establish a start-of-work-plan to introduce necessary knowledge for your future projects.
  • Personal development-planning: We take time to figure out the next steps in your career and offer workshops based on your preferences if necessary.
  • Open corporate structure: Continuous exchange with colleagues and external partners will help you in difficult situations.
  • Perfect location: Erlangen is located in the metropolitan area of Nuremberg and offers a high standard of living. We will support you in finding a fitting accommodation.
  • Together: Engage with colleagues in a friendly and light-hearted manner. Regular team events as well as collective lunches allow you to have easy conversations with the team and encourage constant exchange.

Support us in becoming the best version of easycore possible!