ecFirewall – our innovative solutions for firewalls 



The ecFirewall offers a vehicle specific solution based on the communication description.

ecFirewall addresses the market for automotive ECUs with 32bit microcontrollers.

ecFirewall is developed by a team of automotive security experts, experienced in automotive development processes as well as in IT security topics.

ecFirewall is continuously tested and reviewed to compliance with the according cryptographic standards as well as ANSI-C and MISRA C:2012.


The ecFirewall offers the following features:

  • Based on existing specification and protocols, automated generation of rule set
  • Detectable misbehavior
    • Timing (minimum delta, cycle)
    • Location (bus system)
    • Range (DLC, signals)
    • Protocol sequences
    • …More if specified
  • Decision about severity, urgency, and impact of detected anomalies
  • Definition of (temporary) actions/countermeasures
    • Delay message distribution
    • Discard messages
    • Modify message contents
  • Updateable to allow evolutionary rule-adaption over time


For more information of interfaces and functions our ecFirewall, please contact us. We are excited about your interest in our product.