ecCryptoLib – our cryptographic library für embedded systems



The ecCryptoLib is our library of procedures and interfaces of basic cryptographic functions and protocols. These procedures are optimized for typical 32bit automotive CPUs and developed under automotive SPICE.

The ecCryptoLib addresses the market for our automotive ECUs with focus on modern 32bit microcontrollers without excluding larger or smaller targets.

The ecCryptoLib is developed by a team of automotive security experts, experienced in automotive development processes as well as in IT security topics.

The  ecCryptoLib is continuously tested and reviewed to compliance with the according cryptographic standards as well as ANSI-C and MISRA C:2012.

The  ecCryptoLib qualification is available as a service on a wide range of platforms.



The ecCryptoLib offers following features:

• Optimized for 32bit automotive CPUs and HSMs
• Hash functionen: RIPEMD-160/256/320, SHA2-256/512, SHA3-256/512
• Asymmetric cryptography: ECC Curve25519 (256), ECC Ed25119 (256), ECC Brainpool (192/224/256), ECC NIST (192/224/256), RSA 1024/2048/3072
• Symmetric cryptography: AES (128/192/256), PRESENT (80/128), ChaCha
• Message authentication codes: CMAC, HMAC, Poly1305
• Random number generators: DRBG
• AUTOSAR crypto service modules: Csm/Cal/SecOC
• HSM support
• The delivery contains Code generators
• Developed under automotive SPICE


For more information of interfaces and functions our ecCryptoLib, please contact us. We are excited about your interest in our product.