ecCG – our innovative solution for code generation:


With the solution ecCG we offer a flexible solution for the generation of source code.

ecCG addresses the market for AUTOSAR modules.

ecCG was developed by a very experienced team of automotive experts.

ecCG is continuously tested and reviewed according to appropriate standards.


The ecCG offers the following features:

  • Stand-alone Tool (no dependcy to Eclipse!)
  • Small footprint (< 200KB .exe/.dlls)
  • Very fast generation
  • Template Based Code Generator (Powerfull engine based on C#/.NET language)
  • Generic (independent of AUTOSAR) – input XML-File
  • Extension to use AUTOSAR ECU Configuration (ARXML) as input
  • Already used by easycore AUTOSAR modules (Cal/Csm/CryIf/Crypto-Driver)
  • Easy integration into BSW Configuration Tools (e.g. EB, Vector Informatik)

For further information on the ecCG, please contact our sales department. We are looking forward to your inquiry and the resulting interest in our product.